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If you’re in need of a short term loan or are seeking a MyJar loan alternative as a way to solve a monetary emergency, then you need to look no further than a brief-term loan from a broker. They are there to provide you with a crisis loan solution.

MyJar Loan Alternative

Choosing that loan isn’t necessarily straightforward. That is because many of the alternatives on the market today each have their particular specific criteria, repayment structures and stipulations. Therefore, choosing MyJar, over an alternative, might not continually be your best option for your finances.

Let’s Compare

MyJar doesn’t charge any fees, neither do LoanPig or other alternatives listed at Both LoanPig and MyJar provide a 24/7 service. Cooling off period? it’s fourteen days for both. Early repayments? again, both LoanPig and MyJar let you pay off early with no additional charges.

How Does A MyJar Loan Work?

When you apply to get a MyJar loan, you’re submitting the application right to the financial institution. They assess the job and give you the cash in case your loan is eligible.

What this implies is that the rates and also other fees, the fees, the money terms and the repayment periods that are put on your loan are set by the financial institution i.e. MyJar.

This process lacks flexibility, and priorities a “one-size fits all” procedure for payday advance lending which at LoanPig usually do not trust.

Why Choose A MyJar Loan Alternative?

If you are experiencing a fiscal emergency and wish cash fast, a MyJar loan alternative, like those provided by LoanPig (directly or via our brokerage service) can provide entry to the money you will need when you really need it most.

By trying to find the ideal deal, you are making certain that you’re getting one of the most competitive interest levels, plus the right deal for you.

Instead of needing your payment term pre-set by the lending company, you want to choose a lender who’ll allow you to choose your own payment term.

If you wished to pay for your loan off quickly, you then can go with a lender who’s a repayment term of merely one month, or you can go with a lender who has a repayment term of twelve months if you will need added time to pay for off your loan.

Best MyJar alternative for a loan in the UK on the same day

With LoanPig and other MyJar alternatives you have the use of a large panel of UK lenders, so with more lenders to choose from, there is a greater chance of finding a quick-term loan with an increase of affordable repayments plus much more flexible loan terms to suit your individual needs. Whereas with MyJar, you simply have one option.

Am I Eligible For A MyJar Loan Alternative?

Before applying on your payday cash loan, take a moment to make certain that you are eligible. Alternative cash advance lenders will more often than not confirm the following criteria:

  • You must have a regular supply of income
  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must be more than 18 at the time of the job
  • You must give you a real cell phone number
  • You must have a dynamic current email address that you could access
  • You must have a debit card attached with an engaged banking account

Keep in mind that you won’t be contacted by your chosen lender on the phone. All of your respective details will be confirmed and verified online.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Depending on your financial predicament, which has a short term loan you can borrow as little as £50 or as much as £1,500, or any amount between. However, it remembers this to only borrow just as much as you can afford to repay. Click here to learn more about our short term loans.

MyJar’s lending amounts are up to £900 to get a period of 3 months, £1800 over a time period of a few months and £3600 over 1 year.

Will My Loan Be Secured Or Unsecured?

MyJar loan alternative loans are short term loans, so there’s you should not offer an asset or item worthwhile as security on your loan.

As your payday loan is unsecured, you slow up the risk of the lending company repossessing your own belongings or another asset in case you go delinquent using your loan repayments.

Keep in mind that any late or missed repayments could incur extra fees and penalty interest charges being added onto the original amount you borrow. You can avoid these additional fees charged by always ensuring that your repayments are created by the due date as well as in full.

What Is The APR?

The Annual Percentage Rate (or APR) may be the interest rate that is charged about the amount which you have chosen to borrow. Typically, month after month you are going to be required to pay for a share of your respective loan, along with the APR in addition loan amount.

The actual APR that you’re charged will vary depending on the bank accustomed to fund your loan along with the length of time you choose to take to cover your loan back.

Remember that this APR for payday loans is often greater than those loans which are offered via banks, or any other financial institutions.

When Do I Get My Payday Loan?

If your payday loan qualifies, you might get your pounds deposited in your bank account within 120 minutes or even faster.

How Do I Apply?

The application process for a MyJar loan alternative is quick and easy and is as elementary as typing in an online application. Simply type in the details that we must process the job, such as the amount you wish to borrow, and we will take it from there. Once you’ve completed the application and submitted it to them, you’ll receive a text message or even an email what you whether the application continues to be approved.

Why Should You Choose a MyJar Loan Alternative?
When you’re facing an economic emergency and you may need money in a hurry, it can be hard to know who to trust. Fortunately, MyJar loan alternatives as provided by brokers can give you the use of a variety of lenders who will be prone to offer excellent short term loan options to fit your individual financial requirements.

Disclaimer: Brokers or its subsidiaries aren’t linked to MyJar at all. The information provided in this article can be a comparison to MyJar only. Applying for any payday advance or short term personal loan for the broker’s website means you’ll apply to your loan with the finance brokers in addition to their panel of UK lenders.

MYJAR Explains: How Instalment Loans are a Good Alternative to a Traditional Payday Loan

Historically individuals have used payday advances to cover small cash needs while waiting for their pay ahead in. These loans shot to popularity, simply because they often worked out less than borrowing by unauthorized overdraft plus they helped in order to avoid cheques and direct debits being bounced. In some cases though, customers used this sort of loan sometimes and they actually became the main customer’s longer-term borrowing solutions. As a result, they became increasingly dependent upon payday advances, which can become expensive and has a tendency to lock people into a cycle of debt.

To react to this trend, the payday lenders are moving towards offering longer-term loans, typically up to 12 months, which are repaid in monthly installments. The benefit of moving with an installment arrangement is always that borrowers can repay the money on the greater timespan, making the monthly cost less laptop or computer would be for any traditional payday advance and helping borrowers to maneuver far from continuous borrowing.

However, for people who have a short-term gap that covers an interval until funds are received, traditional payday advances could be appropriate. The cost is usually clear up-front, they could usually be arranged quickly and without fuss and so they are often less than employing an unauthorized overdraft.

Whether you decide to work with a traditional payday loan, an installment loan or some other type of borrowing, the most important thing shall be sure that you will be able to pay back the money on time. If you cannot, it doesn’t matter how you borrow, the cool thing is to amount to more.

Need Financial Help?

MYJAR is an award-winning direct lender, devoted to providing clear, basic and responsible loans when their customers need it. If you will need some be an aid to meet an urgent financial requirement on either a shorter or long term basis, APPLY NOW first in our loans.

Who is MYJAR?

MYJAR is an award-winning UK lender, offering installment loans up to £3600 for new and existing customers. Established in 2009, they have got issued over 2 million loans to UK borrowers and earned an amazing average Trustpilot customer care score of 9.3/10.

Apply for a Myjar loan and pay it back in 3 months.

What is the time period of a MYJAR loan?

The duration of an MYJAR loan is between three and 12 months. The term that you are offered depends on your credit history and lending history with MYJAR. Existing clients are inspired to climb the MYJAR Ladder, which supplies entry to longer loan durations at lower rates, over time, with good account management.

How much credit could you apply for?

MYJAR offers loans up to a maximum of £3,600. The amount you’ll be able to borrow, as well as for the length of time, depends on their assessment of your respective loan affordability and credit standing. If you are an existing customer then you can get offers for larger sums as you climb the MYJAR Ladder.

if you accepted for a short term personal loan you will end up notified by text

What is MYJAR’s loan application process?

You have to complete the short online form, where you’ll be asked about your personal and financial circumstances, including employment, bank details, regular salary, and outgoings.

After submitting the job, MYJAR will take a look at information and in some cases, should contact you for supporting documents to assist confirm your address and verify your money details.

They might notify you by text and email about whether you are accepted for the loan. If approved, it is possible to request your best amount borrowed by logging to your online account, or by calling the MYJAR customer service team.

What will be the requirements?

To apply to get a loan from MYJAR you should:

Have a regular income source.
Be over 18 numerous years of age
Be a UK resident
Hold a bank account inside the UK by having an active debit card
Have a verifiable mobile phone number and email address
How quickly will I receive my loan from MYJAR?
MYJAR aims to provide your loan within quarter-hour of approving your loan.

What do MYJAR charge?

The amount that you’re charged depends upon the length of your MYJAR loan. Examples are provided below.

MYJAR Loan Duration Daily Charge Interest
3-month loan 0.75% per day
(or 75p for every £100 borrowed) 274% (variable) per annum
Representative 1081% APR
6-month loan 0.65% per day
(or 65p for each £100 borrowed) 237% (variable) per annum
Representative 774% APR
12-month loan 0.35% per day
(or 35p per £100 borrowed) 128% (variable)per annum
Representative 237% APR
Loan Options (Number of Lenders) 15 1

How much do you want to repay?
Representative Example: Borrow £500 for 6 months. Annual interest rate 238% (variable). 1 installment of £142.10 & 5 equal installments of £142.42. Total amount to repay £854.20. Representative 788% APR.

Repaying early is definitely encouraged as it will lower your loan duration and then the total interest charged for the amount that you borrow.

repay your loan about the paycheck as late repayment can cost you £15
Do MYJAR charge penalties?

There are not any charges when planning on taking out an MYJAR loan but you will end up charged an overtime fee of £15 folks who want to build your repayments punctually.

Along with incurring electrical, a late payment could also potentially damage your credit history. You should please take note of as soon as your payments are going to be taken and make sure the funds are for sale in your money.

Can I repay my MYJAR loan early?
You are asked to repay your MYJAR loan early. Additional repayments can be made using your online MYJAR account or by calling the customer care team.

Will MYJAR chance an appraisal of creditworthiness?
MYJAR will operate a credit assessment contained in the application process nevertheless, you can still receive a loan in case you below the knob on than perfect credit.

An appraisal of creditworthiness can be a part of a credit application process for a money advance with Myjar.
Their top priority is that you’ll be able to make your repayments comfortability and in addition, they will carefully assess your overall employment and loan affordability, as well as how you have managed your credit before.

What help and support do MYJAR offer?
MyJAR customer care can be obtained seven days every week. You can contact them by telephone on 020 3006 2000, by sending an e-mail to, or through the contact form on their website.

Where can you find online reviews of MYJAR?
If you are considering obtaining an installment loan with MYJAR then online reviews provide helpful insight from genuine customers, that have previously borrowed using this type of lender. Online business review platform TrustPilot has over 3400 MYJAR reviews, with an average score of 9.3 away from 10, which places them in the ‘excellent’ category.

Myjar can be the UK trusted short-run finance lender
What are MYJAR’s FCA registration details?
MYJAR is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Authorization number 673214. You can check the register for yourself.