Top Post Production Crews in Video Production

Post Production is the final stage of the Video Production Process. It involves fixing the mistakes that were not corrected during the principal shooting. This is where the magic happens; picture editing, composing and recording the score, titles design, adding of visual special effects, audio integration, sound mixing, colour grading, and negative cutting.

People only see the final cut and the actors in the film and don’t even know how much work and staff are needed just to produce a final output. Normally, the post-production phase of creating a film takes more time than the shooting itself.

If fact, Directors and producers rely greatly on the ability of post-production crews in order to create a magnificent film.
Here are a few primary contributors in the Post Production phase:

  1. Editor
    An Editor is one of the Department Heads in Video Production. They maximize the potential of a video through altering or arranging scenes. To put it simply, this person guarantees that the story flows smoothly from beginning to end. Typically, he works closely with the Director at the beginning of the shoot and then makes a transition into film assembly during post-prod.
  2. Assistant Editor
    From the name itself, this person is the Editor’s wingman.
    An Assistant Editor aids the editor and director in overseeing instructions and more often than not also do some film editing themselves.
  3. Titles Designer
    The Title Designer creates the opening titles, end cards and rollers and also the graphic captions in a film. Normally, his job comes in near the end of the post-production stage.
  4. Visual Effects Editor
    The Visual Effects Editor incorporates visual effects into the video or film. He works mostly with computer-generated imagery.
  5. Sound Designer
    What is a movie without audio? Also known as the Supervising Sound Editor, he is in charge of the overall sound of the movie. He deals with audio mixing and fixing of the soundtrack.
  6. Colourist
    He adjusts the colour of the film through the use of printer lights for greater consistency in the colour of the film.
    Those are just a few of the “characters” you might encounter in post-production but trust me; a larger staff is needed for bigger productions. Can you imagine how many people are involved in the post-production of a movie like “The Avengers”?!
    Without the people handling post-prod, we would probably sit through lousy movies.

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